From La Foilleuse to … Là Ô


A real balcony in front of the Dents-du-Midi, located at the top of the foilleuse chairlift….
The winter season is started, whether you are skiers, snowboarders, hikers, or just with the desire to relax in the sun, we are pleased to welcome you, every day from 9am until 4:30pm.

On Friday evenings it’s: hiking…. we welcome you until 9pm.

Saturdays, it’s music with Axess Mountain from 2pm to 4pm….

We look forward to meeting you and serving you…!

Gourmet, local cuisine inspired by our region which is so rich in quality products! We do our best to preserve our environment and its exceptional beauty, by working responsibly, and by limiting our non-recyclable waste. Thank you to the producers for their know-how and their precious collaboration!

S E E   Y O U   S O O N ! ! !

At the same time, we help protect our environment and its exceptional beauty by working responsibly. Thanks to the producers for their know-how and their precious collaboration!

Le restô

In the 140 seats restaurant, you will be served revisited traditional dishes made with local products and lots of love.

La salle du Ô

The warm atmosphere upstairs is ready to welcome groups by reservation. About 100 seats. (reservations can be made by telephone)

Le bar des champions

We are so lucky to have a very long list of internationally reputed athlets who live in the area. Là Ô has created a 45 seats « Hall of Fame » to showcase their accomplishments. This makes us wonder… Who will be the next one?

La terrasse

Never drunk or eaten a meal in front of the majestic Dents-du-Midi? What are you waiting for? This is an experience that can’t be missed!

We offer


At  »Là Ô » we work hard to promote our local producers, and to reduce our impact on the environment. With this in mind, all meals are prepared with the most local of ingredients.

Warm and trendy

A refreshed interior « Morgins style », refurbished using material recovered and recycled on site. You will find warm, friendly, trendy, and functional spaces.


To limit our impact, packaging is drastically minimized. For example, instead of transporting cases and cases of bottled water up the chair lift, we serve the water that comes from our local springs.

Where are we?

Là Ô Morgins Restaurant Altitude 1814
Sommet du télésiège de La Foilleuse
1875 Morgins

Local and sustainable meals
Management : Lionel and Clara
Email :
Tel +41 24 476 8324

Reservation only by phone at the opening hours.

More about events on our social media and  Région Dents-du-Midi website:

Opening hours

During chair lift opening hours for all mountain lovers, 9am until 4h30pm.

All friday night, for the hikers we welcome you until 9pm.

The chair lift schedule can be found here:

Where are we?

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Project’s origin

A new team

Four associates from Morgins, Didier Giller, Maxime Monny, Gérard Nerny, and Vancouver Olympic Gold medalist skier Didier Défago created the company Alp Inspirations Sàrl with the objective to add a new ambiance to the former restaurant La Foilleuse.  Using their diverse experience, and the experience of a group of restauranteurs from Lausanne, Alp Inspirations Sàrl is the new tenant.

The new team are happy to be able to say that they received immense support from the community. Friends, and local companies alike, lent a helping hand to give a new look to the restaurant.

This new team has worked hard and fast to transform the restaurant to make it warm, functional and trendy.

« Great things are done when men and mountains meet. »

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